The Beast from the Sea

In my search to “calculate” 666, the number of the beast mentioned in the book of Revelation 13:18, I believe I can correctly interpret the meaning of the mysterious creatures that unfold one after the other in the whole of chapter 13 of the book of Revelation.

The dragon (satan), earlier had been expelled from Heaven. Now in the realm of earth-inhabiting Man, he gives his power and throne of authority to the beast seen rising out of the sea that had seven heads, one of which bore a mortal wound that appeared to have healed. It had 10 horns with a crown adorning each.

The beast out of the sea, is the heart of Man – in all its inassailable depths.

Moreover, this same beast – the heart of Man – was the serpent in the garden of Eden at the fall of Man, I believe.

At Eden, Eve’s heart (the serpent), rationalised over God’s direct order and then chose to disobey. Thenceforth, Man lost the priviledge to fellowship with God in Heaven.

Man, whose heart hitherto was blameless (as depicted by a seven-headed creature), then had a curse placed upon it that prophesied how generational offsprings of Eve would bruise their proverbial heals against its head (deciphered as the one mortally wounded head out of seven the creature owned). It is to be noticed, the attendant drop from the heavenly-correlative figure 7, to the humanly-correlative figure 6, in number of unblemished heads now owned by the creature.


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