On Being Polite

Tokyo Explained and More

No matter where you go the area is guaranteed to be populated with some jerks. Maybe those jerks are being a different type of jerk than you are used to, but they are still jerks nevertheless.

The following question has come up in conversation a few times recently, and I’ve really been thinking about how to answer it because it isn’t really a yes or no question.

Are Japanese polite?

I guess it all depends on your definition of polite. Is saying please and thank you consistently polite? Is consideration towards other polite? Is it a combination of both?

While I can’t say the word never, you will probably not usually witness people in Tokyo go out of their way to hold a door or readily give up a seat for someone on the train or help carry a heavy suitcase for someone who is struggling with their luggage. It…

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Kofoworola Awojobi

Kofoworola Awojobi was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria, where he currently lives. A medical doctor, he had always tended towards getting more atuned to the hidden truths that defines our very existence. He follows world politics avidly in a manner acompanied by self-reflection.

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