A Taste of Italy: Part 3 – Roma Day 2

From the Mind of C.E. Tracy

Basilica di San Pietro Basilica di San Pietro

Day 7

Cortile della Pigna Cortile della Pigna

For the second to last day of our trip, we devoted the day to the Musei Vaticani. A word to the wise, go early and don’t expect to do anything else with your day. We got there not too late, definitely before noon, and the queue to the museum already stretched well around the Vatican. We waited in the queue for at least 3 hours, which got pretty hot once noon came around.

Here are a couple tips when dealing with the Vatican Museum. Bring snacks. You could be waiting in line for many hours and then more hours actually inside the museum. Yes you can buy food there, but from my experience, the food is typically very overpriced and not that great. Also, you will see many people walking around trying to sell you tours of the museum promising…

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