Painful Obedience

The Daily Bible Plan

Daily Bible Reading – 2 Kings 15,16; Hosea 1; Hebrews 1

Today’s Key Passage – Hosea 1:2-11


Most of the time obedience to God is pretty straightforward.  Either we choose to obey Him or we do not.  When we do choose to obey Him, we really do it for two reasons.  First and foremost, we obey God because of our deep love and respect for Him.  There is a second reason, however, that we obey God.  In most cases, obedience to God is in our own best interest.  It stands to reason that the Creator of the universe knows better than anyone else what is good for us and what is bad for us.  When He tells us to do something, it is in our own best interest to obey Him.  To illustrate my point, stop and think for a second about the Ten Commandments.  If you really think…

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Kofoworola Awojobi

Kofoworola Awojobi was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria, where he currently lives. A medical doctor, he had always tended towards getting more atuned to the hidden truths that defines our very existence. He follows world politics avidly in a manner acompanied by self-reflection.

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