Turkey, ISIS and the US–Mark on the radio

Broken Spring

Turkey has launched its first airstrikes against ISIS positions, alongside attacks on Kurdish positions–

Kurdish regions Kurdish regions

though the Kurds are the most effective fighting force against ISIS. A few minutes ago on KQV Radio in Pittsburgh, host PJ Maloney asked me how that works exactly, and where the US fits in.

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The Human Dilemma

432m's Blog


The other day I was sitting in an open space, watching white clouds float in a vibrant blue sky… It was so relaxing…almost therapeutic. Like the erstwhile Wordsworth who felt gleeful when he saw the daffodils, my mood swung to an all time high. I decided to stock up the happy feelings for times when I feel vacant andpensive like good old William did two hundred years ago. Then as I gazed, I saw the clouds float into and away from each other. Watching them change shapes and shadows, I started thinking of the fluidity of all beings and existence.

I suppose currently, we are all perceived to be loose conglomerates of small dots, which scientists like to refer to as atoms, as is a table or a chair…theoretical physics… While we cannot see the molecules, they pretty much behave like the clouds in the sky, except for…

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Obama adds third unplanned stop to African itinerary

The Arcturus Project

The Washington press pool struggled to rearrange schedules as the Obama administration announced without notice that the President will now also visit Libya’s famed Kaf Ajnoun or Mountain of Ghosts. White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest explained the move as, “An appropriate means to wrap up our trip in keeping with the President’s theme of meeting with horrible human beings.”

The concluding visit to one of Satan’s known earthly dwellings will follow Obama’s forthcoming sit downs with famed war criminal Uhuru Kenyatta in Kenya and Hailemariam “The Street Sweeper” Desalegn in Ethiopia. In Addis Ababa, Obama is also scheduled to address the African Union.

Although the AU is said to be interested in rescheduling the speech’s start time due to an imminent AU vote to unanimously ratify the title of “Imperial Majesty for Life” to Burundi’s Pierre Nkurunziza, a move supported by America’s State Department. The AU is also set to…

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Inside the cubs’ den: How ISIS trains its child soldiers

A 14-year-old Yazidi boy who spent nearly five months in an ISIS training camp before escaping has revealed the details of his training and indoctrination, apparently designed to undermined their innocence and sense of humanity.


The boy, who was renamed Yahya after being abducted by Islamic State militants, says he and the other “cubs” – young boys in IS training – underwent eight to 10 hours of training a day. This training primarily consisted of exercise, weapons training, and studying the Quran. MORE>>>> Inside the cubs’ den: How ISIS trains its child soldiers

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