The Mark of The Beast

“…and his number is 666.” Revelation 13:18.

Yesterday evening, as I read an article written by The Huffington Post senior editor Ryan Buxton, it slowly occured to me that I knew what, quite plausibly, was the true interpretation of the age-old puzzle: “666” – the mark of the beast.

The article spoke of US supreme court justice Anthony Kennedy and his role in this month’s landmark ruling, up-holding same-sex marriage in all US states. The pointed fact that the same Anthony Kennedy had been pivotal in the June 2003 federal ruling supporting private, homosexual intercourse (sodomy) between consenting adults, as well as the June 2013 ruling against the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), led to the suggestion that June 26 – the date all three rulings were read in their respective years of 2003, 2013 and 2015 – should be named justice Anthony Kennedy day, so the article said.

And it came to me, as I read those lines: The Bible. Christianity. Replete with binding statutes between God and man. Statutes such as the sanctity of marriage that became epitomised by the Salvation bond seen between Christ and His Church. And Satan – with his cohorts, ever spoiling for pervertion; for deception within the hearts and minds of men.

6th month, 26th day, 2003: private Sodomy between consenting males approved throughtout the US.

6th month, 26th day, 2013: Defense of Marriage act struck-down throughout the US.

6th month, 26th day, 2015: same-sex marriage sweepingly approved throughout the US.


The mark of the Beast: quite plausibly seen here as decoded.

It is with a sense of responsibility and expectation of open-mindedness and decency from contributing readers, that I will begin unfolding my beliefs, sequel to this profound unraveling – and some will be aggitated at positions and opinions I will hold, so I imagine.

The number of a man: 666

“…for it is the number of a man; the number is six hundred, six score and six.” Revalation 13:18.

A lot of considerations and opinions have been voiced over time, regarding the likely interpretation of the portion of the verse quoted above.

Here is my considered interpretation as I look through the lens of the events unfolded on June 26 of 2003, 2013 and 2015 collectively. What I see is an on-going, systemic attempt to attack the very heart of the specific spiritual principle that reconciles men to God: that, as marriage between a man and a woman is ordained to bear fruit (offsprings), so also is it ordained that men, bonded to Christ in marriage as His bride, His church, bear spiritual fruit: newer and newer born-again men and women moving mountains throughout the earth.

The mark of the beast in Revelation 13:18, is the very identity of a man’s ability to bear fruit; the same ability by which the beast attempts to rob man of his ascention towards God in denying man alignment with the aforementioned principle.

Homesexuality, which in effect empirically negates procreation, wholesale and sytemically endorsed, will render this spiritual principle quite inoperable.

The number “6” I believe, indicates a man’s (or woman’s) spiritual position, and as it was with Adam created on the 6th day, a man cannot by his own power attain and share the 7th Position of Rest, where God alone reigns.

And so, a man (“6”) shall leave his father’s house and cling unto his wife (“6”) and they shall become one flesh (“6”) . That last “6” (“one flesh”) can be made genetically manifest in any offspring that is born.

The number of a progenitive man: 666, then becomes the (target) mark (or attack point) of the beast.

Discussions should follow, responsibly I hope. For, what does this all portend for our homosexual, transgender, bisexual and otherwise identity-crisised brothers and sisters, who appear to be at the forefront of this epic spiritual attack on humanity.

11 thoughts on “The Mark of The Beast”

  1. You know I believe you are on to something. I seem to notice a lot of numerology coming into play all over. I have not studied it, but I sure do see it all over everywhere.

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  2. It hurts my heart to read this. So many have used biblical interpretation to justify the oppression and condemnation of groups whose values they don’t believe in or endorse. But to associate “the beast” with the pairing of loving couples who want nothing more than to be recognized for who they are–loving, committed human beings–seems extreme and incredibly cruel. I say all this as a heterosexual married woman who has just produced offspring. I have nothing to “gain” per se by standing up for the LGBTQ community; I just believe, like many others these days, that Love should outweigh and overrule Hate. I wish you love, author, and acceptance for who you are as a human being. And I hope you will extend love and acceptance to every other that you meet.

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    1. Thanks for the comment. Assuredly, I believe in love, and in showing it. I also believe however, that there is in existence, a big picture that happens in our lives. This big picture is so subtle and enmeshed in things difficult to unravel and with so much that has transpired over the ages, that it will take God’s grace for even a mere discussion on the issues to occur even in the absence of acrimonious intent.


  3. Kennedy is one of 6 Catholic justices on the court now.

    Gay marriage is the abomination that produces desolation… No procreation.

    Head wound? JFK, KENNEDY Catholics?

    Interesting read….. The head wound prophecy lead me to his name and this article.

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